25 Free Educational Resources Online

Secret revealing time! My early usernames on sites (before we all went back to using our real names) was InfoJunkette. Why? Because I love learning. I always have. I’ve always been more of a applicable learner. More of a learner on my own and for the joy of learning versus school and tests. When I saw yesterday’s New York Times special section, Education Life, called Downloadable Education, it awakened something inside of me that was alert and alive and excited. Learning from elite universities online is nothing new to me. Listening to Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership Series has been a weekly habit of mine for years, as have countless other resources and tools.

This excitement towards learning is inside all of us. And thanks to the Internet, it’s free (or close) and available when and how you want it. I’ve listed first the resources from The New York Times this weekend (aggregated together from a few articles) and then a list of my personal favorites. If you have one you’d like to share, please leave a note in the comments!

What They’re Watching (Top YouTube classes online):

More Resources on Learning Something for Nothing:

A few of my personal favorites:

What are your favorite places, podcasts, educational resources online?

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